Customizable and immersive virtual experiences to help you focus or relax.

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Work smarter, not harder

With Viberooms, you can customize your virtual environment to maximize productivity and focus. Use the built-in text editor to take notes or jot down ideas, and the Spotify player to set the perfect mood to focus and get work done. The link-board feature allows you to save and share useful links with others in your Viberoom. Collaborate with your team by sharing your Viberoom with a personalized link.

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Take a break and relax with Viberooms

When you need a break from work, Viberooms has you covered. Choose from a variety of immersive and customizable virtual experiences to relax and recharge. Whether you want to take a virtual vacation, explore a new city, or just take a break from the hustle and bustle, Viberooms has the perfect experience for you. Set the mood and ambiance of your virtual environment with the video background feature and use the built-in Spotify player to tune into your favorite lo-fi playlist or podcast.

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Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Good vibes only

With Viberooms, you can create the perfect virtual environment for whatever mood you're in. Viberooms are designed with good vibes in mind. From the moment you enter your Viberoom, you’ll be surrounded by positive energy. The video background feature allows you to set the ambiance, whether you want to relax by the ocean or get pumped up for a big meeting. With Viberooms, you can take control of your environment and set the tone for a productive or relaxing day.

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